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Ty Turns Tres (Including a ‘Scott Says!’)

The weekend before last, Ty turned 3, making the Lehnhoff littles 3, 4, and 5 now! I can’t believe we survived the other (worse?) combinations like 0/1/2 and 1/2/3 and 2/3/4! Things might actually get easier someday too, assuming Ty one day learns to use a potty . In some ways things are better (no… Continue reading Ty Turns Tres (Including a ‘Scott Says!’)

Everything · Monthly Recaps (Ty)

Ty Baby Turns 2! [#TwoThreeFour]

Gosh, I just read Ty’s birthday post from last year when he turned one (here), and it’s spooky to see what I wrote. “The third one is what put me over the edge (don’t take this personal, Ty Baby). Not sure if it was having three kids that did it, the simple fact that all three were… Continue reading Ty Baby Turns 2! [#TwoThreeFour]

Everything · Monthly Recaps (Ty)

13 months: Our Skinny Baby Cheetah

Oh my – this has been one crazy summer of travel and adventure (both with and without kids) and I will have to make a separate post playing catch-up on that.  But in the meantime, Ty Baby turns 13 months!  I was reading back on Landri’s and Rex’s 13 month reviews and it’s crazy to… Continue reading 13 months: Our Skinny Baby Cheetah

Everything · Monthly Recaps (Ty)

Ty Baby: Last Sub-One Year Old Post!

Ty Baby is celebrating his last few months of babyhood! He hit 11 months last weekend and is acting every bit the part! And to quote Landri, “He’s so cute!”  He really does seem to get cuter each day as his little body and personality grow.  He also is rapidly approaching toddler-hood which is so… Continue reading Ty Baby: Last Sub-One Year Old Post!

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Ty Baby: Double Digits!

Before I get started, I’ll do a quick general update since I haven’t been posting a lot lately.  So, I’ve officially broken my PR for longest amount of time not being pregnant in 4.5 years!  Woohoo! Besides enjoying the occasional (or more than occasional) glass of wine, I’m currently on another 30 days of 100%… Continue reading Ty Baby: Double Digits!

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9 months: Swimming, Front Teeth & More!

Ty is growing up fast! And while it seems to be passing so quickly, Ty Baby is a little slower at things than his siblings were as babies. I think it’s partly a function of him being the third child and my hands are full with the other two (less one on one time with… Continue reading 9 months: Swimming, Front Teeth & More!