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Dates With the Kids!

I’m slow to post this but last weekend we had a few special things planned! First, Landri and Scott attended the Daddy Daughter Dance again this year! Landri got her hair done and had a blast getting ready to put on her beautiful princess dress. My favorite part of it was when she came out… Continue reading Dates With the Kids!

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Landri Is Half a Decade Old!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been a mom for over five years now. Some days it feels like just yesterday that she was born, and then on others, I can’t even remember what my former life void of extra responsibilities and filled with heaps of personal freedom was even like! I miss those snuggly,… Continue reading Landri Is Half a Decade Old!

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23 months: Toddzilla Update, 1st Swear Word & More!

I cannot believe that we are a month away from officially entering the Terrible Two’s! They definitely already hit a few months back, and that must have just been the practice round because each and every day, Landri perfects the random-pointless-tantrum just a little bit more. So I’ll get right into it with a little… Continue reading 23 months: Toddzilla Update, 1st Swear Word & More!

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22 months: Language, Timeout & More!

Landri is growing up so fast! She’s turning into a small PERSON who can semi-converse. One of her babysitters was like, “it’s so weird, she can answer you when you ask her questions!” And it IS so weird! I know I have said this basically every month for the last 6 months or so, but… Continue reading 22 months: Language, Timeout & More!

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21 months: Toddzilla Update, Potty Training & More!

Today Landri is 21 months old. It seems like her little brain is literally exploding with new knowledge by the minute. It is almost creepy how these toddlers learn and grow so quickly. And with increased knowledge, also comes the era of bribery which I’m trying really hard not to get too wrapped up in!… Continue reading 21 months: Toddzilla Update, Potty Training & More!