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Little Landri

I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween, y’all!  The fall weather is finally rolling in and we are loving it here in Texas right now!  I forgot how awesome it is to be able to going running during the daytime without dying of heat stroke!

Little Miss Landri looked super cute for picture day at “school” today, so I had to take a few pictures of my own.  I’ll post the best ones below.  Landri is doing great – she’s still working to understand how big sisters are supposed to act (not kicking baby brother in the face, etc), and she’s talking up a storm!  She’s also becoming more and more ‘handy’ – literally as in can use her hands – case in point: she DEADBOLTED me out of the house one day (and herself IN the house alone) and thank goodness my neighbors were home to come unlock my door for me!  My biggest concern lately though?  Her lack of naps!  Landri might be to the point where she doesn’t nap anymore…. which is fine and dandy unless we have a football game… speaking of… so that happened last Friday (she refused to nap) and we had to leave the game after half time.  I didn’t ever get to post so consider this a late update – the Steele Knights defeated the mystical New Braunfels unicorns (I believe the final score was 48-10!)  Way to go Steele!

One thought on “Little Landri

  1. Landri is so stinking cute! And such a big girl now! Enjoy those helping hands! Trust me when I say helping hands are only willing for so long! 😉 How’s Rex doing after his first traumatic experience?

    Have a great day! Michelle Sent from my iPhone


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