Rex’s Guardian Angel

I am sorry for the double-post today but I had a tremendously large scare today and felt impelled to share. So I’m doing one of those “Gratitude Challenges” on Facebook and hadn’t posted anything yet for today…which is a little odd, because the last few days I’ve done it in the morning AND I was actually thinking about it several times earlier today but just didn’t feel called to complete it. It’s as if I was being led to this very moment where I feel more thankful than I have ever felt in probably all of my life.

We had an accident with Rex today that was an extremely close call that could have had a very different outcome. This afternoon Landri wanted to take Rex for a walk in his stroller. We put him in it (cheap-o umbrella stroller), buckled him in (it has a lap belt, not a 5 point harness), and while I quickly ran to lock the front door, Landri was pushing him in circles at the top of our driveway where it’s nice and flat. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about what occurred next, as I saw it all unfold in my mind instantly before it happened, but the events were already in motion and I could not move fast enough to stop them. As I was turning the key in the lock, I noticed that Landri had started to head down our driveway with the stroller (very steep hill). I immediately started SCREAMING at her to stop repeatedly as I started sprinting after her but it was too late. I think my urgent shouts frightened her so much that she did the worst thing she could have done. She let go of the stroller and off Rex rolled, down the steep hill, rapidly gathering speed on the smooth concrete. I ran as hard and as fast as I possibly could in my flip flops, my cell phone went flying (I later found it in the middle of the street). I wasn’t fast enough though and little Rex’s stroller veered off the steepest part of the driveway, tumbling face first, rolling several times down the rocky ravine, landing face down in the rocks at the bottom of the ditch. It even took me a few seconds to figure out how to get down there, to safely navigate the terrain to get to him. I was terrified to flip the stroller right-side up. I assumed his head was going to be split wide open on those rocks. I quickly realized that he was screaming bloody murder (as was Landri, she was so scared) which I figured was a good sign, and upon quick inspection he looked okay and I frantically started searching for my phone to call 911. Long story short, the EMTs arrived, checked him out and said he looked good, but needed to see a physician ASAP. I declined the ambulance ride and chose to take Rex myself (which they were okay with) to the same ER that we took Landri when she accidentally almost bit through her tongue. And a few hours later, we had returned from the ER with the best prognosis that we could have hoped for – that he’s perfectly fine and we just have to watch him closely over the next 24 hours and see our pediatrician tomorrow for a follow-up.

As I stood in the ditch, holding my screaming baby, trying to console him, I was struck with an overwhelming feeling that my dad was there and had wrapped his arms around my precious little baby and kept him safe in what easily could have been a potentially skull crushing accident.  It sounds so horrible to say that could have been the outcome, but it’s true.  Yet Rex only has superficial scratches and cuts, and just one knot on the front of his head.

So today, it is very clear, without a doubt what I am thankful for. Above all, I am thankful for Rex’s health. If you know my driveway, you know what a MIRACLE it is that he was essentially untouched. Second, I am thankful for the EMT’s, doctors, and nurses who took care of Rex. And lastly, I am so very thankful for Dave and Sue, my neighbor Chad’s parents who happened to be babysitting tonight next door. They watched Landri for us throughout the entire ordeal and it was a blessing to not worry about her, knowing that she was in good hands and having a blast playing with her besties Cami and Carter.

I am now carrying a lot of guilt.  I should have known to not trust a 2 year old in this situation even if for just a couple seconds. I’m working now to let that go and just to focus on thanking God and my Daddy for watching after our precious little Rex. I really do believe, now more than ever, that he is looking after us. There is just no earthly way to explain how Rex emerged from that ravine without a concussion or other serious head or bodily injury.

5 thoughts on “Rex’s Guardian Angel

  1. Having my dad pass away the day I found I was pregnant with Grayson, I often think he’s Grayson’s guardian angel. I’m with ya on thinking our little guys are being looked out for by their grandpas. So relieved Rex is okay! Don’t be too hard on yourself – I’ve had a wake-up call here and there to remind me not to get too comfortable and am just thankful they’ve been wake-up calls and nothing more.

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