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19 months: Death by Stroller, Gettin’ Air & More

Rex Lehnhoff. That kid is pretty damn cool. He’s trouble on wheels, a fun little dude, and we are really enjoying him, the older and older he gets. I don’t mean to gloss over the whole “trouble on wheels” part though, because that’s no lie. So let’s start off with a Toddzilla 2.0 status update, shall we?

You might remember that the day that Rex turned 7 months old (actually one year ago TODAY), Toddzilla 1.0 (Landri) almost killed him in a stroller accident (read about it here). Short story is that Rex’s guardian angel protected him and he was miraculously left without a scratch as his runaway stroller (with only a 3 point harness) flipped and rolled into a rocky ditch landing face down. Well, this time the tables turned, and little Ty Baby was the poor innocent victim. Slightly different story though. So yesterday we were out to eat pancakes at McDonald’s (Mom of the Year, I know) and randomly Landri’s lips were so chapped that they were actually bleeding! So while I was putting chapstick on her, and Rex was left to his own devices for five seconds, he FLIPPED Ty’s stroller upside-down on top of himself, pinning himself beneath it. His new bad habit is hanging from things (countertops, doorknobs, etc) and apparently the stroller is no exception. Considering that Ty is only a few days shy of 4 months, and did not make a single sound during or after his stroller violently overturned, he was clearly my biggest concern in the accident. Rex was screaming bloody murder as he lay on the restaurant floor with the stroller immobilizing him. But just like Rex did literally almost a year to the day, it was a miracle that Ty survived without a scratch. I had *almost* unstrapped Ty from his car seat (it was one of those snap and go strollers that the car seat attaches to), but ultimately didn’t out of laziness. Had I unstrapped him, it likely would have been a very different outcome. As a side note, it was neat to see how well that car seat held him in position (not that I ever want to test that again). Scary stuff, but sadly, probably only just the beginning of what life with two boys will be like.

So besides dangerous stunts such as described above, Rex is gaining other new and impressive skills! He has finally learned to jump and catches an inch or so of real air! He’s pretty excited about it and jumps all the time, showing off. He also is improving his ball throwing skills (although still needs to work on catching). He continues to love to shoot hoops and can now make baskets in the 4 foot hoop. And he’s pretty fast (running). Which is not good in parking lots.

Rex LOVES shoes!Rex still hates, I repeat HATES, being restrained. Thus, diaper changes have become basically impossible. It is also very difficult to get him buckled into his car seat and high chair. For some reason though, he loves stroller rides and happily lets me buckle him into that seat. It’s very odd. Landri is the same way, lucky for me since I like to jog! Rex also still dislikes pretty much any food that came from the earth (think: veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds), and he doesn’t like getting his nose wiped either. But out of everything in the world, he probably hates haircuts the most. It is pure hell trying to hold him down for a haircut!!! He always looks great afterwards though!  On the other hand, Rex still loves balls, getting into things, and also shoes.  Yes, Landri has a glove obsession and Rex has a shoe obsession.  So as my friend Gus recently asked, any bets on what weird accessory Ty will be into?!

Rex is starting to say more and more, and can copy most words that you ask him to say. It’s adorable. I forget how much their little brains really start exploding with knowledge starting around 18 months on! He understands a ton – whether or not he chooses to listen though, is another story, haha!

Scott Says…

M: Describe what Rex is like these days using a minimum of three sentences.
S: He is fun. He likes to jump. He gets into everything.
M: What makes him fun?
S: He’s starting to communicate better.
M: Give me some examples.
S: He’s always up for a big game of catch.

M: What is Rex’s favorite food?
S: Hmmm… probably ice cream.

M: How would you describe the way Rex feels about Landri?
S: He likes her.
M: How do you know?
S: Because I know.
M: How does he feel about Ty?
S: He likes him.
M: How do you know?
S: Because he likes him.

M: What’s Rex’s worst habit?
S: I don’t know.
M: Come on.
S: Throwing tantrums.
M: Not compared to Landri’s… I would have said getting into stuff that’s not his. Or jumping off furniture. Thanks for teaching him that, by the way.

<Side Note: I’ve been planning a confessional blog in my head about three year old tantrums if I ever get a chance to write it because I feel like I’m on the brink of a Britney Spears shave-your-head meltdown!>

M: What is Rex’s most endearing quality?
S: His smile.
M: It’s pretty darn cute!

M: What’s your favorite thing about Rex?
S: He’s a happy boy!


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