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4 months: Not a Newborn Anymore!

We have a 4 month old. A third of year old. An infant, not a newborn.  Done with the 4th trimester. Wow. And with a 3 year old and one and a half year old as well, it stays pretty busy. I always hear myself saying strange things that I never pictured myself saying such as, “No, no, we never hammer someone’s head.” Ahhh…life with three, 3 and under!

So Ty Ty, or Ty Baby as we all affectionately call him…his biggest developments in the last month are probably finding his fingers and toes, but mostly toes. He rocks the Happy Baby yoga pose all the time. I keep wondering if he’s teething for how much he chews/sucks on his fingers and hands (and drools!). Landri got her first tooth around this time, so we will have to see! Ty also has learned to roll onto his side – he can’t flip all the way over yet, but is working on it. His other coolest new skill is giggling. It’s crazy adorable and I think he sounds/looks just like Landri did when she laughed at his age. I need to video it!

There are a few things that Ty doesn’t like. He isn’t a huge fan of the car, and cries almost all the time we are driving…he also doesn’t really like being alone, which makes sense since there’s usually at least one pesky Toddzilla within arm’s reach!  And unlike my other little people, Ty Baby also isn’t a fan of sleeping thru the night…he’s only done it twice in his entire life and it was so random and so long ago that I’m beginning to think I imagined it! I cannot wait to begin sleep training him hopefully next week after his 4 month checkup and the doctor gives us the okay to start! This means that Rex is about to get a big boy bed and share Landri’s room with her. Should be VERY interesting. But I figure that I haven’t slept thru the night is at least 6 months barring those 2 random nights, so I’m basically always exhausted and ready for some real rest!!

Ty seems really long to me. He still doesn’t have a lot of chub, but it’s coming along. He’s getting a small leg roll behind his knee and his belly is nice and round. But, he currently still has a neck. I can barely start to see a butter-ball-esque quality about him so maybe by thanksgiving, he will be a real butter-ball! His hair is growing in nice and fuzzy…its thin but light in color- maybe blonde?? He still has his dark brown long hair in back from when he was born. So funny!  His eyes are a mystery to me. They definitely are not blue like the others but they aren’t brown like Scott’s either. Although they are more like brown than they are blue. I’m guessing they are hazel??? It’s hard to put a name to it! He likes to open his eyes really wide and seems to be in a constant state of surprise, haha!

He is a sweet little boy and I cannot wait to watch him grow up with his big brother and sister alongside him!

M: How is Ty Baby doing?
S: Who?
M: Ty Baby?
S: Great.
M: If I was a sportcaster and just asked how the Knights were doing, would just give the same answer, just one word?
S: Great.

M: What is your favorite thing about Ty?
S: My favorite thing about Ty is…. everything.
M: Come on.
S: How he’s starting to laugh. Is that what you want?

M: What does Ty need to work on? S: Holding a bottle. I’m tired of it.
M: Why? Cause you feed him one a week?
S: You know that’s not true.
M: Well, I seem to recall doing 3 in the night MYSELF just 2 nights ago. PS. My fitbit data says that my average sleep time is 3 hr 49 min.

M: What is Ty’s most interesting feature?
S: MMmmm…His flat head.
M: Yeah I guess we will see what the doc says next week.

M: What question would you like to answer?
S: None.
M: That’s not a choice.
S: I don’t have any questions I want to answer!!

M: What do you want Ty to know?
S: I want him to know how to hold his bottle! And sleep through the night!
M: I was going for the proverbial, “That I love him,” answer.



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