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3 Ingredient Organic Vegan DIY Sugar Scrub

I’ve made a homemade sugar scrub before, but it’s been a while. And so when I ran out of my store-bought one yesterday morning, I thought to myself, “I bet I already have all of the ingredients that I need to make my own, and I’ll just wash out this container and put it in here!”… Continue reading 3 Ingredient Organic Vegan DIY Sugar Scrub

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Playoffs: #knitrobaby Debut & a W

What a night! Somehow I had forgotten how intense the energy of a playoff game is…I guess because it’s been a year (?)…but I was definitely reminded last night when I walked into Lehnhoff stadium for round one of the 6A Div II playoff game of Steele v the San Antonio Brandeis Broncos. Holy smokes,… Continue reading Playoffs: #knitrobaby Debut & a W

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More (yoga-ish) Crafts!

Remember back when I mentioned wanting to do some actual crafts, instead of using my crafting cravings for evil solely to “craft in the kitchen” (i.e. making cookies, donuts, ice cream, you know, all the pregnant lady cravings)?  Well, I scoured pinterest and that’s where I came up with my last craft – the lavender eye pillows.  And… Continue reading More (yoga-ish) Crafts!

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Long Time No Craft

I’ve been feeling crafty – not sure if that’s a pregnancy symptom or not, but lately I’ve been using my craftiness for evil – that is, in the kitchen (homemade vegan gummy bears, ice cream, cookies, etc). And. I. Need. To. Stop! I need to use my craftiness instead for something besides calorie consumption! Sooooo…I… Continue reading Long Time No Craft