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Sewing Time Again!

Today has been a pretty interesting day!  There were horrible parts (okay, ONE horrible part) and several awesome parts.  First, awesome part: I got up, ran 11 miles and did great.  I still can’t believe I’m 16 weeks pregnant!  At least I’m still ahead of schedule for the Nov 17 half marathon. Then, as I finished… Continue reading Sewing Time Again!

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Steele’s Smallest Spirit Squad

Landri’s Grammy made her an adorable spirit suit to wear to Daddy’s games.  We loved it so much that we thought that Landri’s little B Fri ( needed a matching dress so my mom helped me sew one for her last night.  These two adorable little munchkins will debut Steele’s Smallest Spirit Squad’s Suit on Friday… Continue reading Steele’s Smallest Spirit Squad

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Sew Crafty (again!)

You may recall my previous post <; where my mom and I made Landri an adorable little hat! So now we finally got around to making the matching dress and bloomers – and they turned out majorly fabulous!  The pattern was marketed as “easy”  which was my primary reason for selecting it over the more… Continue reading Sew Crafty (again!)