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Megan Paints and Landri Paints

I’m still playing catch-up on my craft posts… For Christmas I painted some pretty Om paintings for my Lifetime 281 Yoga instructors and they turned out great!  I always forget what neat gifts small little canvas paintings can make. And while we are on the topic of painting… I’m here to report that Landri recently did some… Continue reading Megan Paints and Landri Paints

Crafty Crafts! · Everything

Another “Sew Crafty” Post: Toddler Shirt

Recently I made a reversible little toddler shirt for Scott’s cousin and his wife who are expecting their first baby in the next couple of weeks.  It came out really well and is Landri-sized (she was my model), so they will have to wait a while to get to use it.  It was pretty simple… Continue reading Another “Sew Crafty” Post: Toddler Shirt

Crafty Crafts! · Everything

Sewing Time Again!

Today has been a pretty interesting day!  There were horrible parts (okay, ONE horrible part) and several awesome parts.  First, awesome part: I got up, ran 11 miles and did great.  I still can’t believe I’m 16 weeks pregnant!  At least I’m still ahead of schedule for the Nov 17 half marathon. Then, as I finished… Continue reading Sewing Time Again!