B Fri’s


When I was a little girl in California, we lived next door to my very best friend in the whole wide world.  Rebecca and I spent the first six years of our lives “talking over the fence” in our backyards, playing together, and swimming almost everyday.  I have hundreds of amazing memories with her and inside jokes <“Are you on your tenth piece yet?”> that both of us will remember forever.  Sadly though, we moved away when I was six, but we have remained friends over the years and still keep in touch today.  Rebecca and her family will always have a special place in my heart.  So now it warms my soul that Landri has her own little “B Fri” (short for Best Friend) just like I did.  Sweet little Camille lives across the street, and being only 4 months older than Landri, these girls are going to be best buds just like me and Rebecca.  And as an added bonus, I feel just as blessed having Camille’s mom Chrissy as my friend too because she is amazing.  It’s B Fri’s all around!

So the bluebonnets are still out and we figured that we’d start a tradition of taking the girls’ pictures together in the flowers.  I’d say not too bad for their first rodeo together!  Of course it wasn’t without incident – Landri tried to break the world record (also held by her) for most ingested bluebonnets and Cami took a pretty good tumble down Bluebonnet Mountain.  Oh then there was the Baby Domino ordeal – you know, when my large baby (uphill from Camille) fell into Camille, knocking her down the hill as well!  It was hilarious and fun!

~ Wardrobe by Baby Lulu courtesy of Chrissy 🙂

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