2017 Sibling Bluebonnets

This year the Bluebonnets weren’t all that great as compared to other years; at least not in our usual spot, which was disappointing. Add in a hectic schedule, too much sunshine on picture day, and three un-cooperative small children, it’s surprising that I’m actually okay with the photos I was able to snag despite all of the hurdles. I guess it’s still a phase where getting all three to smile naturally at the camera in unison is just a pipe dream. But it’s still nice to capture this time in our lives, un-cooperation and all, to remember in future years. Goodness knows that it’s sure fun to look back and enjoy the memories (2016 siblings, 2015 siblings, 2014 siblings2014 Baby Rex2014 Landri, Besties First Annual, Besties Second Annual, Besties Third Annual, Besties Fourth Annual).

PS. I’ve been doing a Juice Feast for 41 days and counting now, and have had a lot of questions! Yes, I am definitely planning on doing a blog recap upon completion (just haven’t decided how long I’m going to go). What’s probably most surprising is how concerned people are about my health in doing this. For example, I could eat McDonald’s every meal, every day and no one would say squat to me, but now that I drink pounds and pounds of fruits and veggies, apparently that is severe cause for concern, LOL! Anyhow, rest at ease, because fruits and vegetables are good for you. And I have been checking in with my doctor and doing bloodwork, and as I fully expected, things couldn’t be better and I feel fabulous, so no worries! 🙂 Anyhow, stay tuned for that exciting upcoming post!

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