2017 Sibling Bluebonnets

This year the Bluebonnets weren’t all that great as compared to other years; at least not in our usual spot, which was disappointing. Add in a hectic schedule, too much sunshine on picture day, and three un-cooperative small children, it’s surprising that I’m actually okay with the photos I was able to snag despite all of the hurdles. I guess… Continue reading 2017 Sibling Bluebonnets

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Water Survival Skills for Babies & Toddlers

I’m hoping that this post doesn’t come off as preachy, but water safety is one of my biggest hot buttons when it comes to raising small children, and I really want to share this awesome resource with you guys!  Yes, it is expensive, time consuming, and emotionally difficult (your kids won’t be happy about it). However, I… Continue reading Water Survival Skills for Babies & Toddlers

Everything · Monthly Recaps (Ty)

Ty Baby: Last Sub-One Year Old Post!

Ty Baby is celebrating his last few months of babyhood! He hit 11 months last weekend and is acting every bit the part! And to quote Landri, “He’s so cute!”  He really does seem to get cuter each day as his little body and personality grow.  He also is rapidly approaching toddler-hood which is so… Continue reading Ty Baby: Last Sub-One Year Old Post!

Everything · Monthly Recaps (Rex)

Last Rex Post as a 1 Year Old!

This kid. He has my heart. But holy moly he is a handful. We’ve taken to calling him Turd Ferguson from the SNL skit.  He is hilarious and always getting into trouble left and right at the same time!  Just a simple example would be trying to climb around the safety fence of a scenic… Continue reading Last Rex Post as a 1 Year Old!