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Last Rex Post as a 1 Year Old!

This kid. He has my heart. But holy moly he is a handful. We’ve taken to calling him Turd Ferguson from the SNL skit.  He is hilarious and always getting into trouble left and right at the same time!  Just a simple example would be trying to climb around the safety fence of a scenic overlook. Yes, the kind of safety fence that protects you from falling several hundreds yards down a rock cliff to your death.

Probably the coolest thing since last month continues to be Rex’s language. It’s exploding! He has so many words and constructs sentences and understands a LOT. In many ways, it makes things easier which is nice.  It’s also super cute to hear him use his manners and ask for things nicely. He is very adept as using peoples’ names when asking for things like, “I need more milk, Mommy,” and, “Good morning, Landri,” etc.  He also says some funny stuff too.  My most recent favorite was when he was sitting on his little potty (totally just practicing and wanting to be like Landri) and he says, “Potty not working, Mommy!” because nothing was coming out!

One of his latest favorite things is going on an “benture ike” which translates to “adventure hike.” The kid has some serious stamina and can easily hike over a mile. Just in the last week, we’ve been to two different state parks three times to go on benture ikes. As it turns out, Landri is also a huge fan. She’s our leader (Rex walks directly behind her) and she reads the map for us which is hilarious.  And if there is a river, Rex will throw approximately 18,000 rocks into it. Rock throwing is a MAJOR hobby of his.  They also all enjoy picnics while on benture ikes.  We’ve been using our parasheet for that.  If you do picnics or ever lay out at the beach or park or whatever, check these out.

But back to Rex. He also still thoroughly enjoys all sports. Basketball, tee ball, football, he will do it all! He likes to run and jump a lot too.

Scott Says…

M: Well this is Rex’s last month as a one year old. How does that make you feel?
S:  Indifferent.

M: What are you most looking forward to as we head into the two’s?
S: I don’t know. I don’t know that I’m looking forward to in particular. I’m not looking forward to tantrums!
M: That was actually going to be my next question.

M: What is your favorite activity to do with Rex?
S: Hit off the tee (baseball).

M: What is Rex’s best skill?
S: Probably throwing things.
M: Yeah, and I think talking too.

M: What are some funny things that he does?
S: Pretty much everything he does is funny.

M: What is Rex’s most annoying habit?
S: Probably throwing his food on the ground.
M: I would have said feeding his mostly toothless 8 month old baby brother inappropriate things like potato chips and raisins.

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