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Dates With the Kids!

I’m slow to post this but last weekend we had a few special things planned! First, Landri and Scott attended the Daddy Daughter Dance again this year! Landri got her hair done and had a blast getting ready to put on her beautiful princess dress. My favorite part of it was when she came out… Continue reading Dates With the Kids!

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Last Rex Post as a 1 Year Old!

This kid. He has my heart. But holy moly he is a handful. We’ve taken to calling him Turd Ferguson from the SNL skit.  He is hilarious and always getting into trouble left and right at the same time!  Just a simple example would be trying to climb around the safety fence of a scenic… Continue reading Last Rex Post as a 1 Year Old!

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22 months: Lipstick, Tackles and More!

A bull in a china cabinet. Lennie Small. Toddzilla 2.0 (Landri is 1.0).  These are all words that can be used to describe Rex William Lehnhoff, age 22 months.  He is one wild child who just blows and goes and is his own man!!!  He is still very boyish, into all the cliche boy toys… Continue reading 22 months: Lipstick, Tackles and More!

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20 months: Big Boy Bed, Photos Galore & More!

Rex is 20 months!  And if you read one of my recent posts, you might know that I’m treading water and barely keeping my head above, so please forgive that this won’t be as robust as one of my usual monthly recap posts!  And, tonight is our first playoff game, so it will be a… Continue reading 20 months: Big Boy Bed, Photos Galore & More!

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19 months: Death by Stroller, Gettin’ Air & More

Rex Lehnhoff. That kid is pretty damn cool. He’s trouble on wheels, a fun little dude, and we are really enjoying him, the older and older he gets. I don’t mean to gloss over the whole “trouble on wheels” part though, because that’s no lie. So let’s start off with a Toddzilla 2.0 status update,… Continue reading 19 months: Death by Stroller, Gettin’ Air & More


Potential Blog Category: Rexclamations

I once wrote a post, A Day in the Life, about how things had changed since my departure from Corporate America.  And then earlier today while sharing a Rex story with my good friend Gus, we decided that I needed to craft a similar post, but from Rex’s perspective.  So here goes just a small snippet of what Rex would… Continue reading Potential Blog Category: Rexclamations