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Rex is a 3 Year Old!

I know, poor Ty Baby, I’ve missed the last 5-6 months of his monthly updates! Eek! I need to do one for him asap! But first…

Rex is a 3 year old! He is such a fun little kid. Wild and crazy, yes, but such a sweetheart and smarty pants too! If I had to chose one word to describe him, without hesitation, I would say “talkative!” The boy never stops talking. Ever. Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s really annoying LOL! He loves his brother and sister and they love him too. I honestly think they would all be absolutely lost without each other! Rex is into all the typical boy stuff like trucks, tractors, heavy machinery and so forth. He loves going on “adventure hikes,” and camping. In fact, we took our first real camping trip (i.e. not the backyard) for his birthday. To say the kids loved it is an understatement. I have to agree, it was fun for sure, but also stressful and overwhelming at times (cow poop, fire ants, cactus, campfire, potential rattlesnakes, etc). I’m glad we went though! Scott did a great job cooking out for the kids – they cooked the fish they caught for dinner and he also make breakfast tacos the next morning. Somehow I made it through the whole trip on 2 gallons of juice as today is day #25 of my Juice Feast (future blog post upon completion).

Scott Says…

M: How would you describe Rex as a three year old?
S: Chatty. Smart.

M: What are his three favorite things?
S: Talking, bothering his sister and torturing his little brother.
M: Wow, I would have said “trucks,” or something like that.
S: Yeah, he likes trucks.

M: Do you think Rex will like sports?
S: I hope so.

M: What are you most looking forward to with Rex?
S: Potty training.
M: That should be on the horizon.

M: What is the funniest thing Rex has ever done?
S: I don’t know. He does a lot of funny stuff all the time!

M: What is the hardest thing about being Rex’s Dad?
S: Changing his diapers when he knows he should go on the potty. He’s perfectly capable of communicating when he needs to go.

M: What’s the best part about being his Dad?
S: Everything but potties

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