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Dates With the Kids!

I’m slow to post this but last weekend we had a few special things planned! First, Landri and Scott attended the Daddy Daughter Dance again this year! Landri got her hair done and had a blast getting ready to put on her beautiful princess dress. My favorite part of it was when she came out all dressed and ready for pictures and Ty saw her for the first time (he’s currently 2.5-ish). He gasped the biggest, most dramatic gasp ever, took a long pause, and said slowly, “Wow!!!! She a real princess!!!” It was the most precious sentence that has ever come out of this babe’s mouth. True, genuine pride for his gorgeous big sister isn’t something that little dude expresses often. I wish I had captured it on video, but I wanted to be sure to mention it here for posterity. Anyhow, they went with one of Landri’s friends from church and gym and her Dad who is in our Sunday School class. They had a blast. I love that Scott has this opportunity annually to spoil her and teach her how she needs to expect to be treated by a man someday.

While they were off at the dance, I took Rex for a Mommy and Me date. Last year we did Clay Casa and then played mini golf and this year we went to iFly to go indoor skydiving! It was super awesome and to say Rex enjoyed it is a massive understatement. In fact, I’ve never seen him so hyped up in my life. It really is awesome and is a great date idea too. After we flew, I bought a package to go back and bring the kids for Ty’s next birthday since you have to be 3 to fly. I don’t think Scott can fly (they don’t recommend for folks who have dislocated their shoulder or had shoulder surgery), but it will still be fun to go and take the kids. Here are some videos:

Rex’s first flight
Rex’s second flight including high flight (watch after he’s done to see the instructor do tricks!)
My second flight including high flight (watch a few seconds in to get past the guy before me finishing up)

Ty stayed with a sitter which he was excited about. Next year I’ll probably bring him too and have a Mommy date with both of The Brothers.

Anyways, here is our little princess all dressed up. Hard to believe how much she’s grown – here are last year’s pictures!! Also below are some iFly pics as well.

2 thoughts on “Dates With the Kids!

  1. I’d never heard the father-daughter dance described that way (I don’t have a daughter), but I love the concept of teaching a young girl how she is to be treated. And I didn’t know about dislocated shoulders (I had one) and sky-diving. Good to know; gives me an excuse 😉

  2. Looks like so much fun! Landri is such a beautiful little girl 💗🌷💁They are growing up so fast!

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