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Gosh it’s been a long time since I’ve posted and even longer since I’ve posted regularly. A lot has happened in the last year starting with Scott’s transition into his new job and just dealing with life with three pre-schoolers as a Stay At Home Mom. To be honest, the short version is that 2017 was the toughest, most exhausting, and lonely year of my life. Frankly I don’t have the energy to discuss it here and I’m working hard to get my life back together as much as I can considering that I still am responsible for the lives of 3 other humans besides myself. I’m still here and although most days seem harder than the last, I have not run away yet! Sometimes I do fantasize about it though! LOL

Many of you know from older posts (here and here) that I’ve been an aspiring raw vegan for over two years since Sep 2015. It’s hard to explain briefly (I will write a book someday about it I promise), but I’ll try to do it here quickly for you. Basically, after eating raw for extended periods of time, not only do I have extreme amounts of energy (it almost feels unlimited), clear skin, no bloating, stay trim and lean, feel incredibly strong, don’t get sick, need less sleep, perform athletically, heal allergies, and the list goes on, but I have found a true EUPHORIA. I know it sounds completely INSANE, and it totally is, but I swear to you that eating this way makes me feel high in the most incredible (and healthy) way. And so for the same reasons that addicts end up chasing their drugs of choice, it was as if I “saw the light” and once I knew it existed (by eating raw), I couldn’t possibly settle for myself and eat any other way.

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Hence the last two plus years I’ve been chasing the light and continually failing to maintain this incredible lifestyle long-term. During that time I learned A LOT about this lifestyle and how to make it work, and I figured out exactly why I continually failed (I need to make that a separate post/put it in my future book). This year I finally made the commitment to this amazing lifestyle full of vibrant health for the last time I hope. I have been fully raw since Jan 1, 2018 (so today is Day 47). The biggest differences this time though, are that I’ve also eliminated overt fats (nuts, seeds, coconut, avocado) and overt salt, only ingesting sodium naturally through celery and the like. Additionally, I haven’t consumed any alcohol or caffeine. I drink a gallon of water a day along with the hydrating fruits and veggies. I eat a minimum of 2,000 calories per day but probably average around 2,500 calories. On days that I exercise a lot, I eat 3,000-3,500 calories. This equates to POUNDS of produce, yes. I would say that my fruit intake is likely around 90-95% of my total diet. I also do a minimum of one pound of greens a day (usually about 2-6% of my total calories) and the remaining couple percent from veggies (as it turns out, many things we think of as veggies are actually fruits such as tomatoes and bell peppers for example). Just in looking back at what I’ve written, I can see all of the questions that are gonna pop up, LOL! So one thing I decided to do was to create an Instagram account for my raw food adventure, The Raw Outlaw! Feel free to follow me to learn how I manage to live and thrive on fresh, living foods! Also, perhaps I will log all of the questions and do a post to answer all of them. I literally could write pages on the topic and I almost feel bad writing such a short post here today about it. Anyhow, come over and check me out on Instagram and let me know what questions you have! XO

*update 3/5 – I have now also created a Facebook page that will link to my Instagram one for those without Instagram.

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