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Rex is 21 months!

I’m so behind in my blogging! Rex turned 21 months this past Sunday and Ty turned 6 months yesterday, so we’ll start with Rex today and do Ty tomorrow maybe. So…Rex! He’s just seriously so adorable! I find myself saying multiple times a day that he is one of “the cutest humans on earth,” and then almost immediately follow that comment with, “but he’s one of the grossest humans on earth!”  Rex is growing into the most precious busy little (toddler) boy ever, key word being “boy.”  He’s always a mess, and doing/eating something gross, LOL!

Rex loves light switches. In fact, he’s obsessed with them. He knows where every light switch is in our house and at church and school.  He also still loves balls – playing catch and shooting hoops. And speaking of catching, that’s definitely one of his newest skills. He’s really getting it down which is exciting to see, especially for Scott (Rex catches better than Landri I think). And while we are on the topic of new skills, Rex can also blow his nose (again, not sure if Landri can even effectively blow hers yet, lol)!  He’s really cute too when he does it.  His language is also exploding. He can repeat anything and everything now and says the funniest stuff sometimes. For example, this morning he said, “Ay chihuahua,” when I was changing his diaper (his teacher at school says this sometimes).  He even makes tiny sentences/phrases now, and learns songs and sings them all the time.  He can whisper too which is also pretty hilarious.

Rex is usually a very jolly child. Reminds me a lot of Scott in the sense that he’s generally very content and rolls with the punches.  However, there still is only one thing that Rex hates. And that’s being restrained. Sadly, there are many times in Rex’s day to day life where he must be restrained. The biggest one is diaper changes. He’s not happy to hold still for them. He also therefore hates haircuts (and he needs one bad) and getting his fingernails cut. In fact, if Rex is really annoying you and won’t leave you alone, just tell him that you need to cut his fingernails and he will bolt faster than you can say “manicure.”  It’s pretty funny!

Totally random, but here’s a video of him falling asleep in his high chair, LOL! (and keep scrolling; more stuff below video)

Scott was really struggling to participate in his “Scott Says” interviews this month more than normal (impossible to imagine, I know). So I apologize for that, haha!

Scott Says…

M: What is the best thing about Rex these days?
S: He talks more.
M: What’s the funniest thing he says?
S: Stop it Daddy!
M: What are you doing when he says that?
S: I don’t know.

M: What is the cutest thing about Rex?
S: His hair.
M: I like his little voice.

M: What drives you nuts (about Rex)?
S: How he gets into everything?
M: Like what?
S: Everything.

M: What is his best skill?
S: Shooting a ball.
M: You always say that!

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