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Proud to Be a Knight

Yesterday afternoon the Steele Knights lost to the Katy Tigers, 0-38. It was a tough game. And it’s always hard to watch the season end, no matter how it happens, and yesterday was that day for us. I watch Scott work his tail off, day in and day out, for months and months on end, alongside his dedicated staff and team, and it’s heartbreaking when it’s over. But we can’t allow yesterday’s loss to cast a shadow on our tremendous season. District and Regional champions, and an appearance in the state semi-finals with a 14-1 record is still more than impressive. For whatever reason, yesterday wasn’t in the cards for us, but I am certain that it only means we are one season closer to our next state title. No joke, as I drove home, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” came on the radio, and I definitely take that as a sign. Texas High School football has not seen the last of the Knights. Thank you, thank you to all of Knight Nation for your support and love. So very proud to be a part of this family, and so very proud of these players and coaches and all of their hard work all season long. Sending out lots of love from the Lehnhoffs! XO


3 thoughts on “Proud to Be a Knight

  1. What an amazing season the boys had! I am so proud of the team, the coaches and Knight Nation. Yesterday was not in the cards for the Knights. For a few hours on a dreary afternoon, the Katy Tigers were the better team. Good luck to them as they go on to State. For the Knights, they can relax and look forward to Christmas and a few weeks off from school and reflect on their awesome 14-1 season. God bless them. They made us proud!

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