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Ty Baby: Last Sub-One Year Old Post!

Ty Baby is celebrating his last few months of babyhood! He hit 11 months last weekend and is acting every bit the part! And to quote Landri, “He’s so cute!”  He really does seem to get cuter each day as his little body and personality grow.  He also is rapidly approaching toddler-hood which is so bittersweet for me. As a parent, it is always so exciting to see your kids grow and hit new stages of development whether it be potty training, coloring inside the lines or crawling (and the list goes on). But, with each new skill, there’s a small part of me that misses “back when.” This is our last bambino, our last sweet little Lehnhoff baby to love on for a very long time.

Ty loves…

* BALLS!!!
* rolling his tongue
* laughing at Landri
* blowing raspberries
* pulling up to standing
* Rex’s baby potty (so gross and annoying)

* carrying stuff in his mouth like a puppy dog (Barbies, shoes, clothes, clean diapers)

Ty dislikes…

* all forms and kinds of medicine

* being restrained

Ty can now also wave (when he really wants to), says momma, and sleeps thru the night like a big boy!  He has the most amazing smile and laugh – I can be having the worst day ever and I hear his sweet giggle and instantly I feel a little bit better. Landri does a great job coaxing laughter out of him and it’s a true joy to watch.  But growing up the youngest of three so close in age has its downside.  Sadly, although Rex sometimes plays nicely with Ty, more often than not, Rex is physically dominating Ty with unfair wrestling moves. Rex is also having issues with scratching…Ty often looks like a baby heroin addict with track marks from Toddzilla 2.0 pinching his arms in the car (I have since banned Rex from sitting next to Ty in the car). Even Landri has suffered the wrath of Toddzilla 2.0’s talons all over her face.  If you’ve seen her lately – you know what I’m talking about.  We are working on learning “to remove ourselves from bad situations” as Landri just sits there and takes it. What I really need to do though, is clip Rex’s nails. But swimming naked to China from the Jersey shore would be easier.

PS.  I included a few photos of Rex and Landri too 😉

Scott Says…

M: What’s Ty latest best skill?
S: Waving.

M: What is your favorite thing about Ty?
S: Everything.
M: So you like how he takes after Rex and throws all his food on the floor?
S: No, I hate that.

M: Describe his personality.
S: Happy.

M: Do you think he’s going to be more or less wild than Rex?
S: Less.
M: Why?
S: I don’t know that you can get much more rowdy than Rex.
M: I totally think he can and will. Just you wait!

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