2014 Bluebonnets: Take 4 (Siblings)

In honor of yesterday’s Sibling Day (who knew??), here are my kids’ first together bluebonnet pics!  I was all by myself with the two of them so it was a little tough… Landri struggled to follow my directions and without another adult to help keep her in place and from eating too many flowers, it was rough.  Throw in a fussy 4 week old baby and it got a little intense.  At least I got a few decent ones though, and maybe next year’s will be better.  And, I even balanced the camera on the stroller and did the self timer to get a couple with all three of us too, LOL!  Happy Spring!  I think we are finally done with the bluebonnets this year! Phew!

Stay tuned, coming up next: Landri turns 19 months, Rex turns 1 month, and a special “Parental Advice” installment from Scott hopefully sometime next week!


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