2015 Bluebonnets: Landri & Rex

It’s finally spring and it’s time for those Bluebonnet babies again!  It seems that each year gets progressively more difficult, but I’m sure that the next 2-3 years will take the cake though.  This year, however, I struggled to get either of them to even look at the camera, let alone at the same time. Eating and picking flowers was an issue again, as well as Landri’s new fear of fire ants (she recently had quite the run-in with some).  Landri also had fun throwing flowers on Rex’s head, until it escalated with her uprooting entire plants, roots, dirt and all, and throwing them on his head (much to his dismay).  Of course many tears were shed and I had to intervene.  And Poor Rex, not only does he drool a TON (note his soaked tie in the photos below), but he also has quite the raspberry on his nose, and a fading bruised “egg” on his forehead from a driveway face plant last Friday running to meet Scott.  Still, we had to carry on the tradition and capture these cuties with the pretty flowers of Texas!  And for fun, I’m linking to previous years’ photo shoots; my, how the kids have grown up!  Last year, Rex was only two WEEKS old!  We should have at least one more bluebonnet photo shoot this year though so stay tuned (Landri and her B-Fri)!

Spring 2013 – Landri Solo Shoot

Spring 2013 – Landri and her B-Fri

Spring 2014 – Landri & Rex

Spring 2014 – Landri and her B-Fri

Spring 2014 – Rex’s 2 week old Bluebonnet Shoot

Spring 2014 – Landri Solo Shoot


5 thoughts on “2015 Bluebonnets: Landri & Rex

  1. Beautiful pictures, Megan. I love those Bluebonnet pics and hope you keep ‘em coming for years to come. My daughters, who go to TCU, were just in SA for Pi Kap formal. Said they had a great time!!!

    All the best!!

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