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Yoga Teacher Training Eve

omI remember back ten years ago when I naively thought that “yoga is just stretching.” It has taken a very long time for me to slowly evolve – to begin to understand the true meaning of yoga. And even now after 9 years of practicing, I’m still learning what yoga is and what it means for me. My yoga practice is constantly developing, growing, and changing as I learn more about myself, the person I aspire to be, and the life I strive to live. What I’ve come to find over the years, is that yoga is so much bigger than just a physical exercise. The larger yoga practice that I speak of refers to the eight limbs of yoga, where the asanas, or physical activity, are only a small piece – just one limb, or as many say, “the tip of the iceberg.” I didn’t formally know the eight limbs for a long time, although with the guidance of my teachers, I have slowly learned many of them over the years, and they are what has inspired me to want to learn more, to deepen my own practice, and to formally study yoga through this yoga teacher training program. I’m excited to put words to the things I have slowly been absorbing throughout the years, and to learn about many other pieces of this amazing world that I still have yet to discover. I realize that this will be a lifelong journey, but I know that these next twelve weeks are going to be very special. I look forward to learning and growing as a person in every dimension of my life.  I plan to journal about my experience to share with those of you who are interested. Until then…peace, blessings, and Namaste! ❤

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