Happy Pi Day!

For those of you who know me well, know that I’m quite the fan of the number Pi and I’ve celebrated Pi Day annually since high school. At one point I had memorized the first 234 digits of Pi. Yes, like 3.14159265358979….up to the first 234 digits. In case you are wondering how I did this – well, I used to “work out” on a “Pi Trainer” on the Internet. LOL. I even have a tattoo of Pi on my wrist. So, maybe it makes more sense now why I couldn’t believe that Rex was born only a mere NINE MINUTES before Pi Day last year (WHAT?!?)! Anyways, today, on the most epic of Pi Days, from my family to yours, I wish you a very merry Pi Day!  I spent the magical moment (9:26 am this morning) in savasana in a Pi-themed hot yoga class. Our teacher incorporated music set to the digits of Pi as well as sequences of 3.14 throughout our practice.  It was amazing! She even had vegan pi(e) for us after class! Seriously awesome!

3 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day!

  1. Funny, but when I read the email with your blogpost, it read 3.2425, and I thought I had caught you with a major typo. Then I went to your blog, and the number was corrected to 3.1415. It’s amazing how we continue proof-reading/editing after we send messages or publish blogposts.

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