The Texas Tradition: Bluebonnet Baby

Today I joined an elite mom club as I participated in yet another new-mom “first.”  Yes, I was that lady who pulled over on the side of the road and conducted a self-led infant photo shoot amidst the Texas bluebonnets.  Yes, I jumped up and down, waved my arms, screamed, shouted, whistled, clapped, snapped, giggled, and talked (and yelled) in funny voices in an intense effort to break my six month old daughter’s laser beam gaze at the amazing new world of bluebonnets around her.  All of my hard work paid off and I got some fantastic shots.  The only thing I would do different is to bring along another grownup next time because now I need to warn Scott…there may be some bluebonnets showing up in Landri’s diapers here pretty soon!  Check out my slideshow of bluebonnet photos below (and some bonus Easter Bunny ones too)!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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