2014 Bluebonnets: Take 1

Today Landri had her first bluebonnet session of 2014 with me.  The flowers at our sacred spot aren’t fully in bloom yet, but we did a preliminary photo shoot just for fun anyways.  In case you want to see how much she’s grown since last year, here are those pics: https://livinwiththelehnhoffs.com/2013/03/28/the-texas-tradition-bluebonnet-baby/. Also, like last year, Landri did in fact ingest a couple bluebonnets (shocking, I know).  Hopefully I can get some of Rex in the flowers tomorrow while Landri is at school.  Next week I want to go back when the flowers are thicker and do our second annual B – Fri Bluebonnet photo shoot and maybe some more individual photos too (see last year’s B – Fri shoot here: https://livinwiththelehnhoffs.com/2013/04/16/b-fris/)!

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