The First Week: Introducing Todd-Zilla

Well, well, well!  Here we are, a little over a week now as parents of two little humans, and it’s been a wild ride already!  When Scott and I were still in the hospital at the end of last week, we kept on telling each other (in all seriousness) what an awesome vacation it was to be there.  We were served breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day…had zero responsibilities (besides taking care of Rex which is easy-peasy and fun!)… it was quiet… there was no screaming toddler getting into everything requiring constant supervision… we watched TV without interruptions…and best of all, we admired our beautiful new little baby without distraction.  Staying in the hospital was actually pretty awesome.

And then we went home.  Let me just say first off, a huge shout out to parents of multiples, multiple children, and single parents.  My goodness!  My definition of multi-tasking has been taken to an entirely new level that I didn’t know even existed.  And I have to hand it to Scott.  Several posts ago during one of his famous “Scott Says” interviews, he stated that life would become “chaos” with two kids.  SCOTT HAS NEVER BEEN MORE RIGHT ABOUT ANYTHING IN HIS LIFE.  EVER.  Within hours of being home with both kids, Landri suffered what I am sure is only the first of MANY accidents resulting from no longer being the only child getting all of our attention.  Sure enough, consumed with the baby, Scott thought I had her while I thought he had her, and unfortunately neither of us actually had her, and she attempted to descend three stone stairs off our back porch.  It went how you might expect and poor little Landri ended up with multiple scrapes and a huge blue goose egg on her forehead.  We felt horrible.  First lesson learned.

So, the age difference of 18 months between our two kiddos is definitely a challenging one.  Besides being well on her way into the “Terrible Two’s,” Landri does not understand the concept of being gentle.  At all.  Everyone, meet Todd-Zilla.  Like the real Godzilla, Todd-Zilla is a large, destructive monster.  In the first week, she has used and abused her newborn little brother, who is only just days old.  Let’s review some of the torture that he has already had to endure at the hand (sometimes fist) of Todd-Zilla: being kicked directly in the face, having ice cold water poured over his face, having his eyes poked repeatedly over and over again, being hit in the face (multiple times), and having his arms nearly ripped out of socket (multiple times).  And there have been countless times that I saved him from being sat on, stepped on, hit, etc.  Of course Landri doesn’t do any of this on purpose… she just has no clue.  And explaining it to her has proved useless thus far.  Like Lennie Small in Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Landri has no idea how strong she is.  And besides being excessively rough with him, she also steals his paci’s and stuffs them in her mouth, rips off his blanket to cover herself in the car, and runs away with his bottle if she ever gets her hands on it.  So I’m patiently trying to coach Todd-Zilla into becoming more gentle and sweet with him.  I’ll let you know how that goes, ha!

I was able to make a trip to HEB and Target with both of them and survived, so that was a confidence booster… especially after some of the double poop situations we have already had.  So another shout out to Scott… when I told him we were pregnant the second time and after ensuring the baby wouldn’t be born during football season again, his next question was, “Will Landri be out of diapers yet?”  I didn’t fully realize until now what a great question that was.  So, having two in diapers is tough.  But it’s especially tough when they poop in sync.  Yes, twice this week they pooped at the exact same time which obviously just makes for serious drama and trauma when you are home alone with them.  I’m too exhausted just thinking about it to even write about it, so maybe another time I’ll spoil you with some of those stories.

All in all, we are surviving and I’m starting to get the hang of it.  Physically I feel great – not sure if this is normal, but healing from the second baby is a bazillion times easier/faster than the first which was a very, very nice surprise!

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