Bluebonnets 2016: Landri, Rex & Ty Baby

Daddy and the boys!
*notice how thrilled Scott is to be here*

We finally took our annual bluebonnet photos!  And just like we always have a new kid each football season, there’s a new bluebonnet baby each spring it seems, haha!  Ty Baby joined in this Texas tradition with his siblings who are now pros.  And this year (for the first time), I had the pleasure of having Scott there with me to “lend a helping hand” during our photo shoot.  This was, of course, after getting over his disgust at the boys’ cutesy matching outfits.  The photo to the left pretty sums up how he felt about the entire ordeal.

The most surprising: no one ingested any flowers.  Shocking, I know.
The least surprising: getting everyone to smile and look at the camera simultaneously was impossible. Shocking, I know.


It’s crazy to look back at previous years:

Spring 2013 – Landri Solo Shoot
Spring 2013 – Landri and her B-Fri
Spring 2014 – Landri & Rex
Spring 2014 – Landri and her B-Fri
Spring 2014 – Rex’s 2 week old Bluebonnet Shoot
Spring 2014 – Landri Solo Shoot
Spring 2015 – Landri & Rex
Spring 2015 – Landri and her B-Fri

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