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Shibori Surprise!

You might recall that we went on an awesome staycation and glamped at The Texas Bell last spring. Leslie and her husband Jess who own The Bell were incredible hosts and we remained Facebook friends ever since! A few weeks ago I saw some beautiful indigo Shibori (tie dye) that Leslie did and she invited me over to partake in the fun! I spent a few afternoons over at her place and it was incredible! I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new craft to try! A couple tips:

  • You can buy a kit on Amazon like this one
  • Do a Google search on Shibori techniques prior to starting your projects so that you get some fun inspiration and ideas
  • Using long, long rubber gloves is essential for protecting hands and fingers from the beautiful blue dye (it will wash off – it will just take a few days)
  • Get creative with your binding items and technniques (paper clips, rubber bands, golf balls, marbles, clothespins, etc)

Here are some photos of my items that I dyed. Also, you’ll see a beautiful collection of Shibori and Shibori inspired home goods that I have put together for a charity event. If you’re in the San Antonio area, you can either win or purchase this one-of-a-kind collection that I made through a donation to a great cause. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Peter Holmes’ Orthopedic Kneed Foundation provides surgical medical care for student athletes in need. Although he is the Steele & Clemens’ Football team doctor, Dr. Holmes donates his surgical skills to help student athletes from all over (even internationally!) who are in need and his organization raises funds to cover operating room expenses to relieve the financial burden for these student athletes. The Orthopedic Kneed Foundation hosts an annual Casino Night which happens to be coming up very soon this year on Sat, April 8th at the Double Tree Airport Hotel at 5:30pm. Ticket information for the event can be found on the organization’s website, If you attend, you can have an opportunity to own this Shibori collection! 😉

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