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12 Months: WHAT?!

To be completely cliché and say it for at LEAST the 12th time in the last year: wow, time flies.  Miss Landri Adair is 1 year old today (technically at 5:09pm)!  And wouldn’t you know it, but Daddy’s football team plays Kerrville tonight – the same game he had to miss last year for her birth!  So speaking of football, that’s exactly how we are going to spend her birthday – at the Steele v Kerrville football game!  We aren’t doing a party this year – I bought her a vegan cupcake from Green (my favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurant in San Antonio) and we’ll probably have that after yoga this afternoon before the game.  We bought her two little cardboard animal books for her birthday – which she loves – both books and animals, so I’m hoping for a double-win!

So the usual skills/new firsts/likes/dislikes/etc. for Landri between 11 & 12 months…

In the past month, one of the biggest new things is walking of course (https://livinwiththelehnhoffs.com/2013/09/02/landris-first-graduation/).  Landri has since continued to rapidly develop this skill, getting better at balancing, standing up when she falls, and turning (as opposed to only straight line walking).  She is still very slow though and does not run, and she is crawling less and less.  Other than that, she doesn’t have any NEW skills; she’s just honing and improving the ones she already has.  For example, she really can get into almost anything now and so we finally officially baby-proofed the house (huge relief).  And by “we,” I mean I hired a company, LOL.  There was no way I could strap TVs and furniture to the walls, and do all those cabinets and door locks by myself, and since it is football season, you just have to assume that Scott isn’t going to do it either!  So back to Landri’s skills… In her highchair, she loves to pretend that her arms/hands are windshield wipers on high speed (imagine the tray as windshield).  And so as you might guess, food goes flying.  Everywhere.  It makes us crazy!  I seriously doubt she is actually emulating windshield wipers, but I like to think so.  You should see how mad Scott gets when she does it.  I need to try to sneak a video of his reaction sometime!  Oh, and Scott says she can disassemble his iPhone case.  Apparently that is a new skill of hers, but I haven’t witnessed it yet.  Sounds pretty advanced if you ask me!

New foods… does dog food count?  I knew it was only a matter of time until I found Landri in possession of some dry dog food.  And by “in possession,” I mean she was definitely eating it.  She acted just like it was any other food she’s ever had.  No prejudice!  She also had broccoli and loved it!  Actually a bunch of new veggies and fruits: asparagus, cauliflower, peppers, carrot shreds, corn on the cob, grapes, pineapple, peaches, nectarines, mangoes… She didn’t discriminate at all!  She has also now eaten peanut butter and fortunately doesn’t have an allergy – in fact she LOVES peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwiches!  Pinto beans are also new and apparently she really liked them (our babysitter gave them to her)!  And Scott says she also tried axis deer sausage (which I don’t think she really liked).  Probably the biggest new food though, is whole milk!  Landri now is all grown up and drinks milk like a big girl.  Of course she protested at first (because it was in a Sippy cup), but started drinking it once I put it back in her stupid bottles.  I am going to let her do that for just a couple more days, and then wean her to Sippy cups for milk too (she drinks water and green smoothie from Sippy cups so it’s annoying that she won’t drink milk out of them as well).  We had to clap and say “Yay!” to convince her to drink her milk, so now every time she drinks her milk, she has to cheer for herself.  It’s kind of funny.  And I catch her cheering for herself just randomly anytime she does something.  But here’s a video of her cheering for herself drinking her bottle (be sure to keep scrolling – there’s more to this post below the video):

New firsts!  Landri started “school!”  Actually, it’s just Mothers’ Day Out two days a week for a couple of hours.  She’s only been a couple of times, but has had a BLAST!  Her B-Fri (https://livinwiththelehnhoffs.com/2013/04/16/b-fris/) is in her class along with one other little boy so the 3 to 1 ratio is really nice, and all three kiddos are within 4 months of each other.  Landri is the youngest.  I win the parental award this month with a Mommy Daycare Alert… I accidentally gave Landri spicy ketchup instead of regular ketchup – that was quite a first.  Let’s just say, it wasn’t very pretty and she was very upset about the mix-up.  She would have spanked me if she could!  And along the lines of other bad “firsts,” Landri also got her first (and second) bloody lip!  Having teeth can be deadly now when you crash mouth first into things!  And as mentioned in an earlier post, Landri also sustained her first scorpion sting (but took it like a champ).  And lastly, Landri attended her first volleyball game when Steele played Smithson Valley!  She looked adorable in her Steele outfit (pics at the very end)!

Now that Landri is growing up, there are sure to be new blogging categories such as… Landri’s Language!

Landri can “say:” Momma, Dadda, Hello? and we think she might have started to say “Woof-Woof” (what the puppy says)

Landri understands: her name, Momma, Dadda, Hello, Bye-Bye, No (even though she HATES it), Ba-Ba (bottle), Puppy, “Woof-Woof,” Bird, Wave, Clap, Point, “Nanner” (banana).  She might also know “Wa-Wa” (water), although I’m not 100% sure yet.

What does Landri like these days?  Well, she still likes parties and hanging out with people. She also apparently likes attending football games based on her stellar behavior two weeks ago (keeping our fingers crossed for tonight).  And while on the topic of the game, she seems to really dig Knitro, the Knights’ mascot!  At home, Landri LOVES to play in our closet and rip all of Daddy’s clothes off the hangers (Daddy HATES this and gets very angry).  And of course she loves to get into things (that’s why Daddy calls her “Squirrel”) – lately we found her with some lighters and jars of seasoned salt from the pantry!  I guess still better than waving a Wusthoff knife from the dishwasher “over her head like a pirate,” as Scott said.  And still on the topic of getting into things, Landri loves getting into our house plants.  After finding her stuffing her face full of dirt and leaves, I finally just moved all of the plants outside.  I hope that I remember to water them – they are all from my dad’s funeral and are almost three years old!  I cannot believe how well I have done with them – I really hope that out of sight/out of mind doesn’t become their fate!  Landri also still loves reading books and having books read to her.  She also really likes all animals and small humans (babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, etc).  And she likes to play with her toys, balls especially, and throw them.  And she still loves her paci. It is probably going to be World War III to give that thing up.  Scott says that she likes phones, remotes, food, puppies, and birds (all very true).

And while there are things Landri likes, there are also things she gravely dislikes.  Many of them remain the same: getting her face/nose wiped, wearing a bib, being restrained, being told “no” (she probably hates this the most)… But a new dislike, however, is riding in the shopping cart at the store.  She now wants to walk everywhere.  But she is so slow!!  She also doesn’t like taking medicine anymore (like Tylenol) – she used to love it, but now it’s a huge battle that we almost always lose as she spits it out everywhere.  Then we have a big sticky mess on our hands!

So what does Landri look like these days?  She weighs in just barely shy of 23 pounds, and so she still has her rolls, although I swear they are getting smaller.  Although not small enough that poop, food, and lint still can’t hide in them (ewwww, I know).  I will say that you can SOMETIMES see her neck, which I believe is another sign she might be slimming down.  Her hair is getting even longer – we almost always wear pig tails these days, otherwise it falls into her eyes.  Pigtails are easy because she has a freckle right in the middle of her scalp where her part goes!  It works well as a part “landmark!”  She has 4 teeth – her bottom two and her top two, but the doctor told us she is getting 4 more all at once – the two on both sides of top and bottom teeth!  Don’t tell her, but Landri has really hairy shins (at least I think so).  I tell Scott that she’s going to have to start shaving in like first grade and this freaks him out tremendously.  Seriously though, girl has some sasquatch-like leg hair from the knees down!  And Landri’s purple toenail is finally ALMOST grown out.  Another interesting physical quality: Landri’s feet seem to be small compared to her peers’, but depending on the shoe, she can fit size 2-4.  I would say 3.5 is a good safe bet at this point.  Some 4’s are still too big. She does have a pair or pink/purple sparkly Tom’s that are adorable (pic below).

And of course, EVERYONE’S FAVORITE part of the the blog… Scott Says…

M: Well, Scott, it’s been an entire year that you’ve been a parent.  What would you say has been the most challenging thing?

S: <blank stare & long pause> Having a baby.

M:  My response might surprise you, but can you please elaborate?

S:  The hardest part is not being able to pack up and go whenever I want.

M:  Except that you do.

S:  No I don’t.

M:  How about the most rewarding thing?

S: Uhhh…Everyday I get to spend with my baby.

M:  Is it weird to think that we’re going to have a newborn around here in less than 6 months?

S: Yes, it’s weird.

M:  Are you scared?

S: Am I scared?  No, I’m not scared.

M: What do you like the most about Landri at her current age?

S: Her big budda belly.

M: What do you like the least?

S:  How I have to change her dirty diapers.

M: How would you describe what Landri looks like these days  – in detail?

S:  So cute.

M: That’s not detail.

S: She’s blonde and chunky and cute!

M: What is the most impressive thing about Landri?

S: How much she can eat.

M: So how much can she eat?

S: A lot.

M: What are you most proud of in the last year?

S:  I don’t know.

Because it’s our big first birthday, Mommy has gone a little cray-cray with the pictures and has four groupings/slideshows below (so keep scrolling all the way down!):

1st – a slideshow recapping her monthly iPad pictures just for fun to see how she has grown

2nd – her one year photo shoot with Mommy in the yard

3rd – her 11-12 month pictures

4th – a couple newborn pictures just for fun to see where we were a year ago

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6 thoughts on “12 Months: WHAT?!

  1. Happy 1st Birthday to adorable Landri. Love your blogs Megan, since Erik and I never had kids, we are enjoying it vicariously through you and Scott, (although Erik hates the poop talk – I think it is hilarious). Congrats also on the new baby to be!

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