Landri’s First Graduation!

Standing!So when I take Landri to the gym, I have to call two days in advance to make an appointment for her because she is a non-walking infant.  Unfortunately, my gym has a lot of other moms in my shoes, and so it’s pretty much exactly like calling into a radio station to win concert tickets every morning at 8:00am when they open, just to get an infant reservation for two days out.  Seriously, one time I called at 8:02am, and my spot for two days out was already booked!  It’s super busy.  And it makes me feel really bad.  Like a crazy stalker, calling repeatedly.  And in order not to accidentally forget to call, I have two alarms set on my phone every morning at 7:55am and 8:00am to make sure I remember to call EXACTLY at 8:00am.  And since the entire universe is doing the same thing, you just keep calling and calling and calling over and over again until someone answers and you hopefully get your reservation.  Now, once your child can walk, this circus ends.  You can work out at the gym whenever you please and without warning.  So besides being tired of Landri wearing holes in the knees of all her pants and always getting filthy crawling around, I have REALLY been looking forward to the day that she became a walker so that I could stop stalking the girls at the gym daycare!  And I’m sure they will be glad to have one less stalker as well.  … Which leads me to today’s blog post!  Landri finally graduated into the Big Kid room by passing her official walking test!  WHAT?  Just barely shy of her first birthday, I don’t have a baby anymore?  I have a toddler?  HOLY CRAP!  Remember when mobility was first official (https://livinwiththelehnhoffs.com/2013/05/04/mobility-its-official/)?  That was pretty much exactly only 4 months ago!

Here’s the proof (also posted on YouTube here)!  http://youtu.be/M6FblKNdRSo

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