Rex’s First Graduation!

Cute SweaterSo at literally about the exact same age as I did for Landri, I’m posting a similar video of little Rex Man taking some of his first real steps.  He’s been taking a few here and there, but he’s really getting the hang of it now.  So much so in fact, that he has officially “graduated” from baby to toddler and no longer requires appointments at the gym for childcare!  So neat, but so sad.  I have to admit that I’m happy that we have another baby on the way – I love babies!!!  And sadly he didn’t do it in this video, but most of the time he claps for himself when he walks (because I always do), LOL!  It’s adorable…and going way, way too fast!  How was he only just learning to crawl not that long ago!? He is such a doll!  PS.  Sorry he’s naked in the clip… he of course just had a blowout.  Imagine that.

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