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A Year of Dates

March Date NightMy new year’s resolution this year was to ensure that Scott and I make it a priority to spend quality time together, both before baby #3, but also especially after.  Of course I procrastinated some and got my act together by Valentine’s Day, gifting him 12 months’ worth of Date Nights (one per month).  I made some dates geared more towards me/my interests (that I think I can convert him to) and some more for him (mostly meat eating – which I know I will not particularly enjoy, LOL, but will happily attend), as well as some that I know we will both be excited for.  So in February we did a “Food Crawl” at The Pearl, starting with drinks at Blue Box, Appetizers at Boiler House and then The Granary, and then Dinner at Il Sogno Osteria.  We even tried dessert at The Luxury nearby, but were disappointed to find out it was temporarily closed.  It was a really fun night out though and we were able to try out a bunch of new (to us) places!

Sur la tableAnyhow, for this month, we did a Sunday afternoon cooking class at Sur la table and it was really fun!  For those of you looking for a fun activity with a significant other or even just a friend/group of friends, it was great!  It’s a bit pricey – our class was $69 per person and the classes get even more expensive depending on what you’re making – so I don’t know that we would make a habit of it, but still a good experience nonetheless.  Our class was Paella-themed – we learned three different Paellas: a traditional seafood one, a chorizo and chicken one and a vegetarian one.  We also did a nice salad and homemade vinaigrette dressing.  Scott was actually pretty excited about it (the man likes to eat, LOL), and we both agreed it was a nice time. Afterwards we caught a beer (a ginger beer for me) at the Yardhouse nearby.  And yes, I ate some meat today.  It will probably be a while until I do it again.  😉

So we are started off on a roll: two months in a row!  Next up in April will be a hike and picnic… we are still debating whether we bring the heathens with us or not, although since I’ll be in my third trimester, I’m leaning towards not bringing them as I know I will end up being the one to wear the 25+ lb Rex on my back (while Landri and Scott walk), ha!

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