Date Night – Review #2

As you may or may not have read a few months ago, I gave Scott a year’s worth of monthly date nights for valentine’s this year. It had been my New Year’s resolution to ensure that we make time for us and our marriage and I figured with a third baby on the way, that would be more important than ever.  In my last related post I wrote how in February we did a “Food Crawl,” eating different courses at various restaurants in the Pearl Brewery area and in March we took a Paella cooking class at Sur la Table, and I have a few more fun ones to add to the list! So April was a hike and picnic (I picked this one before summer and it got too hot) and we settled on Freiderick Park for a hike. Neither of us had ever been there and we really enjoyed it. Great trails and beautiful views, we almost forgot we were on the side of I-10 in San Antonio. The weather had been a little suspicious that day (possible rain), so we skipped the picnic part and ate at Fralo’s in Leon Springs for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised to find vegan cheese! And the pizza was delicious! Scott like his as well. It was a great afternoon!


Then, in May, I had a ticket to see Rachel Brathen – a famous yogi whom I follow on social media – for a 320 person class in Austin (talk about some awesome energy!). And Scott being the sweetheart he is, kindly dropped me off, and chilled at a sports bar until class was over so that we could swing by Dripping Springs on our way home for the next date at the famous bbq restaurant, The Saltlick. The coolest thing about this place is that it’s BYOB so you literally can roll up with coolers of whatever you want (they also have a small bar next door that allows you to take your beverages to the restaurant). I was pregnant so none of this was for me, just interesting to note. And yes, I did try the meat and I confirmed that I no longer have a taste for meat – it did nothing for me. I thought I would feel guilty eating it but in a way I almost felt better because it reconfirmed my vow to try to eat as vegan as possible. I will say, however, the cobbler was AMAZING! Ha! And definitely not vegan. Scott thought it was decent, not great – we both thought we’d had better. We were glad we went as it’s such a staple around here but feel no need to return.


Now, clearly going to a bbq place was more of a “Scott” date than a “Megan” date so you know I had to shake it up the next month! We actually missed June (thanks, Ty!), but made up for it in early July when we went to one of the popular BYOB painting lessons classes. I had bought a grupon for one a while back and so we used it to sign up for a couples’ class…which was awesome!!! Scott did try to “tap out,” at one point though, LOL! He actually did pretty well until the end when he had to start drawing tree branches and a bird which in his words, “looked like buzzard!”  The pictures actually make it look much better than it does in person too, haha! But seriously it was a blast and I can’t wait to find a home for our painting somewhere in our house!


M: So how would you review our painting date?
A: Sucked.
M: Oh come on!!
S: It was alright.
M: Did you enjoy yourself even though painting is a challenge for you?
S: For about an hour.
M: What was the best part?
S: The wine.
M: What is the best thing about your half of the painting?
S: Nothing.
M: Seriously you didn’t have fun?
S: Yeah it was alright.
M: “Alright” like the vegan yoga retreat I made you go on that ended up being great?
S: It wasn’t THAT good.



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