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Baba Ganoush!

It’s been AGES since I’ve posted a recipe on here! With Yoga Teacher Training all during my third trimester, I had a very hard time getting a chance to cook like I usually do and I’m trying to get back into the groove now that I’m home and have some more time (HAHAHA!).
So my lovely friend Tanya and I did a garden produce swap the other day. We gave her some celebrity and cherry tomatoes and green beans in exchange for some homegrown eggplants, fresh mint, limes and green peppers!  And I put that produce to use making my own Baba Ganoush with one of the eggplants! It was delicious!! I definitely recommend making it if you find yourself with some beautiful eggplants. It’s a healthy hummus-like dip (it has a little tahini but no garbanzos). This was the recipe I followed. Pretty easy and minimal ingredients!  PS. I used fresh basil as my herb from my basil plant my mother in law gave me! It’s been thriving with the rain we’ve had the last few months!

One thought on “Baba Ganoush!

  1. Thanks Megan, this recipe looks delicious. Cannot wait to try it. Larysa and I are super excited about our quest to master our health through whole food, plant based eating! We are so encouraged by our posts and experience. Thank You!!!

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