Miracles Come in All Shapes and Sizes!

HUGE miracles
Well, here we are, a day over two weeks old, and little Ty Baby has grown 1 lb and 1 oz!  I think this kid may turn out to the biggest Lehnhoff yet, despite starting out as the littlest!  He is such a sweet baby and both of the other two are very much in love with him and don’t seem jealous at all (knock on wood)!

Anyhow, I just wanted to do a quick entry to let everyone know that all five of us are still surviving!  😉

And here’s my list of small HUGE miracles so far…

  • Brushing my teeth two days in a row
  • Getting to eat something besides a handful of cheerios as I race past the kitchen chasing a small naked human
  • Wash and dry my hair
  • Remove my makeup (if for some odd reason I had put it on in the first place)
  • Remembering what time I fed the baby without writing it down
  • Making it until 9am without any small human meltdowns
  • Making it through a diaper change without getting sprayed in the face with pee (Ty is REALLY good at this!)
Rex's Derby Outfit
Ty Baby wearing Rex’s outfit from Derby Day last year (still a little big on him)! – 2 weeks old



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