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Long Time No Craft

I’ve been feeling crafty – not sure if that’s a pregnancy symptom or not, but lately I’ve been using my craftiness for evil – that is, in the kitchen (homemade vegan gummy bears, ice cream, cookies, etc). And. I. Need. To. Stop! I need to use my craftiness instead for something besides calorie consumption! Sooooo…I figured I’d search Pinterest for some actual craft project ideas and settled on a lavender eye pillow to start with because I already had all of the supplies (except the dried lavender flowers) and it seemed like an easy one, which these days with these two toddlers, is exactly what I needed!  And so not only did it turn out great, but it was a cinch!  I just cut two 5×9″ pieces of fabric to sew right sides together, to then turn right side out and hand stitch shut after filling with the dried lavender flowers. To make it a little more exciting, I did coordinating prints on front/back and then made a stripe of the opposing fabric on each side for some extra character (see photos). I liked the stripes slightly off center best. Lastly, I used my scrap fabric to make a matching gift tag and also made a small tassel to add even more flair.  What a fun gift to give and hopefully use!  I’ve been to yoga studios that pass these out during savasana and the soothing lavender smells heavenly. The Pinterest post said that you can even freeze or gently microwave it for a cool or warm sensation! 

Next up, I’m doing a floating terrarium that I also saw on Pinterest with a tiny buddha statue. I can’t wait! Yoga Teacher Training starts next week so this will probably be my last craft until baby comes…or for several months after that…lol!



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