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Grab N Go Diaper Clutch and matching changing pad
Grab N Go Diaper Clutch and matching changing pad

I just don’t know what has gotten into me, but I’ve been on a craft mission lately!  And the day before yesterday I was just really in the mood to make something cool so I got online and started browsing fabrics and patterns.  I wound up on the website, and ended up buying/downloading a Grab N Go Diaper Clutch pattern (by the way, I didn’t even know you could download patterns as PDF’s – pretty slick).  That same afternoon, Landri and I ventured to Joann’s Fabric and got the rest of our supplies.  I spent the evening and into the wee hours (1am!) making and completing my latest project.  And it turned out FABULOUS.  Literally, I don’t think I had a single mistake at all, which has NEVER happened in my short sewing career.  Everything lined up great, my stitching was perfect, everything.  I score myself a 100%, A+++.  Now, the changing pad was a different story.  I would say it scores a 70-75%.  I had a lot of issues with it because it has clear vinyl sewn over the pretty backing fabric (to make the poo-poo wipe-able!).  I had to switch needles and stitches on my machine, and even so, it still gave me some trouble.  But, considering how bad my first few attempts were (I had to scrap and start over a couple times), the final result wasn’t too shabby.  And it is definitely functional and cute.  Next time I would try a vinyl with a fabric backing.  I think that might help. I will say though, that I’m glad I got the 8 gauge vinyl and not the 16 gauge.  I think the thicker plastic would have made it even more challenging.

Here’s a slew of pictures. I was trying to get it from all angles and in different lighting so you could get a better sense of what it really looks like.  I am obsessed!  I wonder what I will try to make next???

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