Crafty Crafts!

Craft Attack!!!

Just a little pregnancy update… everything is going great!  I can’t believe I’m 15 weeks already.  Time with Landri just seems to fly by.

I think “Baby Brain” has officially hit… I tried to put the milk in the cupboard the other day…and then this morning, I was on my jog, and about 4 miles in, I wondered why the sun wasn’t rising.  And then I looked at my watch.  OMG. I left an HOUR EARLY!  No wonder!  I voluntarily got up at 4:45 not even realizing.  Goodness gracious.

So my crafty obsession is rapidly growing.  I wonder if it’s some weird alternative nesting??? I have no idea, but I cannot stop myself.  Suddenly I must make a craft everyday.  And I will stay up late, despite early morning training runs, to finish whatever I started.  Last night I made a very cute tote bag and then today made two pretty necklaces (I will post the jewelry separately).  The exterior pockets on the tote match the reversible inside and vice versa.

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