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Scott’s 1st Win!

I’m really excited to report that last night Scott got his first win as a head football coach!  Final score was Steele 51, Judson 34.  It was definitely a nail biter – especially the first half – and then even again a little bit towards the end.  I am so proud of Scott and all of the Steele Knights!  It was a pretty awesome end to the evening!  And Scott got the game ball to keep – really neat.


You can play “Where’s Waldo?” looking for Scott amongst the Steele coaching staff in these pictures, LOL!  😉  Although, not as cute as last week since Landri and her B-Fri aren’t in them!  So speaking of the babies, we left them with a sitter and while I wish Landri could have been there to celebrate Daddy’s win, I must say it was AWESOME to be child-free at the game!!!

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