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The Spirit Squad Debut!

Due Date 2012A year ago today was my due date with Landri.  And it was also the first game of the football season… which was also against Madison.  And last night was also the first football game of the season… and it was also against Madison. The only difference was that this year I’m only 14 weeks pregnant, not 40!  Wow, how much things do and don’t change in a year!

I’m sad to report that Steele lost by 1 point with only 1 minute on the clock (45-46).  The Knights basically led the entire game, and it came down to a few mistakes at the end.  It’s not the way we wanted to start the season, but it doesn’t mean too much – the last time Madison beat Steele, Steele won the State Championship (2010).

And really quickly – Landri was a CHAMP as far as behavior goes.  She sat in the stands the entire game and watched in my lap.  She bounced on my knee and clapped a lot.  Very cute.  She cratered at about 9:45pm (WAY past her 7:30pm bedtime) and napped for about 30 minutes, but then woke up with a second wind.  It’s 9:30am the next day… and she’s STILL ASLEEP!!!!  That’s a new record for us!  And PS she might be a walker almost now?  She walked around before the game a LOT. The most walking she’s ever done.  She still crawls once she’s down if she falls, but we are VERY close to the official realm of Toddler-hood!

As promised, here are some pictures of Steele’s Smallest Spirit Squad debuting their 2013 uniforms!

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