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Football Eve 2014

Sidewalk ChalkTomorrow is our traditional opening game against San Antonio’s Madison High school, and for the first one in two years, I am NOT pregnant for it!  Woohoo!!!  Last year I was a couple weeks into my second trimester with Rex, and the year before was my DUE DATE with Landri (see last year’s post here)!  I’m looking forward to sweating much, much less than a pregnant lady, even though it’s still going to be very HOT!  Landri is so pumped that she wakes up saying “football game” over and over pretty much every morning.  All of her grandparents have outfitted her with a supply of adorable “Knight Wear” that she’s excited to sport at the games this season as well.  I am also excited for this year’s first encounter with Nitro the Knight and will be sure to take lots of pictures!  She’s been trying to convince herself that she likes him, talking about him regularly, saying “Nitro nice,” and “Nitro hug.”  We will see!  Go Steele Knights!  Best wishes for a safe, healthy, successful and fun season!  You guys got this!

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