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Congrats, Knights!

Congratulations, Steele! Starting off the season with a 35-0 win over Madison tonight was awesome! It was a great game and we all had a blast cheering on the Knights! As was expected, Landri talked a big game these last few weeks about giving Nitro a hug and totally chickened out when it came down to crunch time. At least it wasn’t the screaming, crying meltdown that we had last year, although I also didn’t make him hold her so who knows, that could have taken it to a different level.   I thought she would come around later, but she surprised me in the car by saying, “I don’t like it, Nitro,” and “Nitro scary!!!” and “Nitro mean!!!” First of all, I didn’t even know that she knew what the word “ scary” even meant! I kept telling her though, that’s not true, that Nitro loves Landri and that Nitro is so nice. I don’t think she bought it though. So besides watching some more great football, I’m excited to watch Landri and Nitro’s relationship blossom and grow this season, LOL!


One thought on “Congrats, Knights!

  1. Such ADORABLE pictures!! Hope the Knights have a great season!



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