Random Post Alert: New Diaper Changing Technique

photoOkay this is totally random and surely doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I’m SO pumped about it that I need to share for those of you with babies, grandbabies, the babysitters, future parents, etc.  So Rex blows it up out the back top of his diaper on an almost daily basis.  Getting his onesie off him without getting poop ALL over him is literally impossible.  Until now.  I don’t know what inspired me to do this today, but I randomly developed a new diaper changing technique that worked like magic and was totally genius.  Now, I wouldn’t do this unless it was a blowout up and over the back top of his diaper, but it’s a definitely going in my bag of tricks for when needed.  The key is laying them down on their tummy and then ROLLING their clothes up, containing the poop INSIDE the roll of clothes!  Then you can get it off over their head without further getting poop in places it doesn’t need to be – like their hair!  Then I undid the diaper on the sides, pulling it from underneath, wiping his bottom with the front part of the diaper as I removed it before attacking the situation with wipes.  Ultimately I was able to get him all cleaned up in record time without getting poop on the table or all over the baby!  Here’s a video of me trying to explain it.  I hope you like it and get to use it!  http://youtu.be/RhDdzCT1Abo

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