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L’s B-day: Cupcake, a “W,” Cute Kids, & Baby Yoga

Birthday CupcakeSo Landri didn’t like her cupcake.  What?  Is she related to me???  She refused to eat it!  She got messy and I was able to snap a happy picture of her with it even though she mostly cried the entire time it was in front of her.  I had to even break it apart for her because she wouldn’t even touch it!  She got icing on herself by accident, seriously!

And great news: Steele won the game against Kerrville Tivy, 49-7!  What a great birthday present for Landri!  And she was pretty well behaved too again.  I am very lucky to have Reghann to help out with Landri.  They love each other clearly (see the pics)!  And they are adorable together!  Landri did FINALLY pass out during the last quarter, and once again she proved that she is her father’s daughter (Scott too can sleep anywhere, anytime), as we laid her out on the bleachers to sleep.  And for my yoga peeps out there, I just had to sneak in a reclining Baddha Konasana or Cobbler’s Pose and a little Savasana or Corpse Pose (see our baby yoga pics below)!  The game was televised though, and in the pre-game they gave a pretty nice little shout out to Miss Landri for her first birthday!  See the clip here:  http://youtu.be/BjBHSvMfG6A


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