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Sewing Time Again!

Today has been a pretty interesting day!  There were horrible parts (okay, ONE horrible part) and several awesome parts.  First, awesome part: I got up, ran 11 miles and did great.  I still can’t believe I’m 16 weeks pregnant!  At least I’m still ahead of schedule for the Nov 17 half marathon.

Then, as I finished my run, I showed up just in time to watch Scott recklessly plow my SUV into the grill guard of his truck.  You know, backing out of the garage into the driveway where his truck was parked.  Hence, previously mentioned horrible part of the day.  By the way, can I say thank goodness he has a stupid grill guard?  Because otherwise we would have had TWO wrecked cars.  In our driveway.  Anyhow, I have already spent two hours on the phone today with the insurance company, various auto body shops, and rental car company; and had to go to the safety deposit box to get the title for my car to be able to take to my estimate appointment next week with the insurance company.  Which comes before I then take it for an estimate appointment at a shop.  And then the actual work and rental car will have to be officially scheduled and executed.   Not to mention a crappy rental car to drive for who knows how long.  Oh, and I am signed up for a carseat installation class this Thursday for MY car.  Wonder if I will have to reschedule that.  I love how someone else makes the mistake, yet I will pay for it with my time.  However, awesome part is that: our ALLSTATE insurance only has a $100 deductible (thanks to our good driving records) and we also have $25/day for rental car coverage for up to 30 days.  And best of all, we get a “freebie” accident so this won’t make our rates go up.  I was pretty happy to hear all of this, especially since I’m guessing it’s over a grand of damage, EASY.

And then, as if the universe felt bad for me, my day was balanced out with some more (and unexpected) awesomeness: I went to Whole Foods and it happened to be their 1 year anniversary and the first 50 people got a shopping bag of goodies and a small gift card and guess who made the cut!?  Yay!  What a pleasant surprise!  And the reason I went to Whole Foods is that I was stocking up on supplies as I’m starting my cleanse again tomorrow and I am planning on doing it for at least 4 weeks.  In case you missed it, my life-changing cleanse experience is journaled here:  Major warning though, it’s definitely my longest post ever.  Anyhow, the reason for cleansing again, is that my pregnancy sweets/toast/cereal/all-things-carbs cravings have gotten way too out of control lately.  I’m already doing the no caffeine, no alcohol, no animal products, so the last two things to eliminate are sugar and gluten which is exactly the stuff I’ve been stuffing my face with!  So perfect!  I’m very excited to get started!  I’ve also been mapping out some new recipes to try.  In fact, I’m going to make some new breakfast bars here in a bit!

And the awesomeness continued: one of my very dear friends came over (who I convinced to buy a sewing machine) and we sewed some pajama shorts!  It was an extra awesome day because my in-laws were watching Landri so I had an ENTIRE DAY of peace and quiet to myself with a good friend to do something WE wanted to do.  It was seriously the best day of my life (no offense, Landri).  I literally cannot remember having this much time to myself ever – since she has been born really.  HUGE shout out to my in-laws for giving me this much needed break!  Our shorts had a few issues, but we solved them all and the final product couldn’t have been better.  I’m also really proud that we didn’t have a pattern.  We just traced our own shorts we already had and made our own pattern.

One thought on “Sewing Time Again!

  1. Those shorts look awesome! 🙂 It was a blast and we did a great job! Thanks so much for being an awesome teacher and encouraging me to buy the sewing machine, I totally love it now!

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