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Landri Turns 2!

Our eldest is a whopping two years old today. I still can’t believe that we’ve been parents for that long! Here was last year’s post for her one year birthday just for fun!

Landri Feeds Rex Some Peas!So what is our little Toddzilla up to these days? Well, I have to say that in the last month, I’m very happy to report that I haven’t *witnessed* any on-purpose acts of terror upon innocent Baby Rex! She may have done something that I didn’t see, or done things on accident, but I don’t think there were any on-purpose hand stompings or anything of that nature. Are we finally growing up or did Rex just totally luck out the last 4 weeks? I will say that Toddzilla did try to feed him peas (not exactly sure how she got the jar and/or the spoon, but the little weasel did, see pic)! So on this topic of helping and/or sharing… I have to admit that I’m terrified of the next phase where Rex can eat real food but it has to be in tiny little pieces. I can already see her feeding him some giant chunk of carrot or something that he could choke on in an effort to be sweet or helpful. It should be pretty interesting the next year or so!

Landri has officially become a parrot. She repeats everything and her freaky little brain remembers almost all of it. One day she was using her left hand to eat applesauce with a spoon, then switching to her right and back and forth and I asked her if she was ambidextrous and asked her if she could say it (which she could). Then the next day she picked up her spoon saying, “ambidextrous!” Of course her pronunciation needs some work, but it’s definitely what she was saying, so crazy! Here is a video where you can see me ask her about being able to use her right and left hand! She also has taken to calling Scott “Scott,” which we correct. She makes small sentences like, “Rex sits here,” and has also started using pronouns *sometimes* such as “I want out,” instead of saying “Landri wants out.” She pretty much knows her entire ABC’s although sometimes she messes up a little bit and she also can pretty much sing the entire song “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” It’s super adorable as she says, “Ninkle, ninkle, wittle tar,” haha! Additionally, she’s learned how to spell BINGO thanks to the song, LOL! Oh! And the other day she got in trouble and I overheard Scott telling her that he was going to discipline her, to which she repeatedly responded back, “I don’t like it, discipline!”

Last week Landri started “school” at the same Mother’s Day Out program that we went to last year. She has a new class and some new friends and seems to be loving it already! Also pretty new is survival swim lessons. Although she isn’t the biggest fan (because she has to give up control), she is doing pretty well and I’m very pleased with her progress. I’m excited to watch her learn and improve. She is so good at holding her breath and going under. Maybe when she gets closer to “graduation” I can post some videos! She calls herself “Landri Fish” which I think is hilarious. You can ask her where Landri Fish is and she points to herself, haha!

Here are a couple of fun Landri facts:

  • She got her first water gun and learned to shoot it (loves it)!
  • When having a tantrum, if she doesn’t violently throw herself on the floor, she runs in place, basically just rapidly stomping her feet up and down on the floor, swinging her arms back and forth
  • Landri finally got to turn her car seat around and face forward!
  • She attended her first dove hunt on opening day.
  • Landri loves the rumble strips/drunk bumps on the edges of the highway. She thinks they are motorcycles driving by, LOL! She says, “I like it rumble strips!”
  • And speaking of motorcycles, she is obsessed with motorcycles!
  • She wants to wear deodorant like Mommy and Daddy do, haha!
  • She loves wearing our socks and shoes 24/7.
  • She learned that hand sanitizer and oranges make the cut on her finger sting (that was a fun lesson that took many tries to learn)!
  • Landri had her first real French braid (see pic below)!
  • She stacks blocks horizontally to make choo choo trains (see pic below)
  • Landri said “So excited!” in response to me telling her that her birthday was on the day of the football game, LOL!
  • Landri is working on her Sun Salutations, both doing them and saying “Sun Salutation.” She’s actually not too bad! I will try to get Scott to video us doing one together. It’s really cute. She follows along pretty well!
  • The girl knows her balls: football, baseball, soccerball, volleyball, and beach ball!
  • Landri loves pockets whether they are on her clothes or your clothes!
  • Landri loves to play in the rain in her diaper.

Scott Says…

M: Well, Scott, it’s been two entire years that you’ve been a parent. What would you say has been the most challenging thing?
S: Going out to dinner.
M: Why is that?
S: Because it sucks.
M: Why?
S: It’s not enjoyable. Landri won’t sit still. She destroys everything. Rex cries. It’s not fun.

M: How about the most rewarding thing?
S: Nothing.
M: You really want me to publish that?
S: Everything besides going out to dinner and poopy diapers.

M: What do you like the most about Landri at her current age?
S: All her new words.
M: Like what?
S: Everything she says.
M: Seriously?
S: What?

M: What do you like the least?
S: She doesn’t listen very well.

M: How would you describe what Landri looks like these days – in detail?
S: Same.
M: What?
S: Same. Little longer hair. A little taller.

M: What is the most impressive thing about Landri?
S: Her ability to talk.

M: What are you most proud of in the last two years?
S: Landri.

<These interviews are getting more impossible. Apparently I need some better credentials to get responses from him these day!>

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