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Today we buried Landri’s and Rex’s great grandfather and it was an emotional day.  Scott, his cousin Nathan, his uncle Gary and family friend Charlie Brown, all spoke some amazing heartfelt words about Pa Butch. There were some tears and a lot of laughs too.  It was so awesome to see how he touched their lives and I can only hope to have even half that impact on my kids and their kids. We will miss him so much.  I look at Landri and Rex and think that without him, we would never have been blessed with these little ones.

And just for fun, in case you didn’t see the pictures on FB, the talented Kelley Lyons-Spencer shared some awesome pictures from the first two games this season (see below).  I think the ones of Landri with Nitro are my favorite!  And get ready for a big blogging week: Landri turns 2, Rex turns 6 months, and we have our third game of the season!  🙂

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