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Nitro Update, Football Blood & Rain

Landri's face when she realized that she was at the football game!
Landri’s face when she realized that she was at the football game!

OMG what a game!  From what felt like almost freezing temperatures when soaked to the bone from POURING rain for a good 30-45 minutes if not longer (it was actually 68 degrees on my drive home), to a fierce battle on the field, that was a game we will all probably remember for a while.  Ultimately Steele came out on top, 10-3, defeating Northside’s O’Connor HS. It truly was a nail-biter with Steele scoring two safety’s and a touchdown. A huge shout out to my mom who took Landri under the stands and later to the car out of the torrential rains until it slowed in the 4th quarter. I also need to point out that Rex definitely wins the award for the most hard core baby football fan on earth, weathering the storm (LITERALLY) inside my raincoat (see pics below) without a single fuss and happy as a little clam.  He seriously has football in his blood like his big sister and I have no doubt that he’s going to be just as pumped about going to Daddy’s games as she is.  Speaking of, check out Landri’s face when she got out of the car and realized she was at the game (see pic to the above right).  Hilarious.

But even more notable than the win, the extended downpour, and the most hard core baby football fan on earth, is that tonight Landri and Nitro made history together.  Landri Adair Lehnhoff HAPPILY high fived Nitro!!! Check your calendars folks, it’s not April 1st, this really did happen (see proof in the pics below)!  I guess she’s all grown up now that she turned 2 today, LOL!  I’m thinking that next up will be hugging her pal Nitro, culminating with him holding a smiling Landri for a photo by the end of the season.


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