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Knob Jewelry Holder

FullSizeRender (1)Way back when we were on our Babymoon in Mendocino, CA while preggers with baby #2, (who turned out to be Rex, see belly pic), we wandered into a beautiful wood shop. Yes, this was the trip that Scott un-affectionately referred to as the “the vegan yoga retreat,” because we stayed at an all vegan resort (and practiced yoga with chanting). If you read the post here though, you’ll see that he definitely changed his tune and enjoyed the trip very much.

But back to that wood shop… We discovered a ton of beautiful wood pieces – furniture, cutting boards, shelving, etc – made with local wood and primarily made out of Redwood. After some price negotiations with the shop owner, I snatched up as many pretty Redwood scraps as I could, stuffed them in a big box and shipped them back to Texas. I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with them, but I knew it would be something good! Fast forward to now (yes, 2.5 years later), and I finally got around to doing something, LOL! These babies have kept me busy!

FullSizeRenderI envisioned hanging the large, flat pieces on the wall, with unique and pretty knobs on them to hold necklaces and the like. I apologize for the poor photo quality – for some reason it was tough to photograph it (lighting and location?) and the pics don’t do it justice at all. It looks incredible in person. It was a simple enough project – I just drilled holes and screwed pretty knobs where I wanted them. Huge shout out to my father in law who sawed off the long metal ends of the knobs and recessed them into the wood on the back so that it would hang flat against the wall. I’m still not sure what I’ll do with the rest of the scraps, but I did make a mini, single knob hanger out of what I think was Cherrywood and I plan on giving it as a gift to a friend.

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