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Football MemeIt’s what I call Football Eve…those last few days and moments before the first game of the new football season. The excitement, energy, and nerves in the air is almost palpable. It’s the proverbial “calm before the storm.” And as it so happened, tonight was our annual all school outdoor pep rally, “Meet the Knights,” where Steele’s fall sports teams are formally introduced to the school and community, of course culminating with the legendary Steele Knight football team.

This year the football team has chosen the mantra, “Be elite.” And if you know anything about Steele Knight football and if you ask me, this team is already elite! Their stellar athletic achievements are written about weekly, and sometimes even daily, but what isn’t always mentioned, is their incredibly uplifting influence off the field. To quote myself in a letter to the players and fans last season heading into the state semi-finals, these football players “are amazing young men, making positive headlines, always handling adversity with poise and class, and influencing our children in the best possible ways…” This season I’m looking forward to watching the Steele Knights win a whole bunch of ball games while showing our youth what hard work, perseverance, and dedication look like. Or how to “be elite,” if you will. And I have a feeling, as always, this season will not disappoint.

Best of luck this season to all of the players and coaches! Let’s get after it! Go Knights!

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